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Welcome to EU EDU

EU EDU is a mission of the trade and professional associations, educational institutions and businesses that make up the electronics and appliance industries.

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on DVD or VHS formats, for use in Elementary, Junior High and High Schools.

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NCEE Development Committees 

NCEE goals: 

To encourage electronics and appliance service as a profession; to align industry requirements with educational courses; to provide superior world class service to the public and the country.

Thank you: 

for viewing the NCEE Website. We encourage you to review the competencies listings. We invite you and your company, school or association to become part of the NCEE initiative. Participation is not limited to icons of the industry. The newest electronics or appliance student is as welcomed to help mold the industry as is the highest level engineer, educator or small business owner. To truly have an all-industry consensus in order to mold the highest levels of education and certification, all views are needed.  

You are invited:

Associations, school systems and product maker companies are asked to appoint one or more individuals as representative contact persons to NCEE. That person, in turn, is charged with taking each issue, competency or policy task back to his or her respective group, seeking wide input and returning that input to the appropriate NCEE Project Manager on a regular basis.


NCEE is not a 'splash in the pan' group. Each technician competency area demands currency with the latest in technology. Thus, each area requires Subject Matter Experts as committee members reviewing and updating the industry approved educational and certification guidelines at least once each year. Join with us. You are welcome.



  President: Dick Glass, CETsr, EHF, [email protected]

Vice President:  Mike Powers, MSEE, [email protected]

Secretary: Sami Shoshara, [email protected]

Treasurer: Steve Gelman, CET  [email protected] 

Immediate Past President
: Steve Gelman, CET  [email protected]


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